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Trademark Permobil
Type C500 VS
Website http://www.permobil.com
Category Power wheelchair/elektrorollstuhle
Sort in/outdoor
Weight capacity (kg) 166,00
max. Userweight (kg) 120,00
Length (cm) 121,50
Width (cm) 65,00
Seat height (cm) 64,00
max. Seat height (cm) 84,50
Seat width (cm) 43,00
max. Seat width (cm) 48,00
Seat depth (cm) 45,00
max. Seat depth (cm) 60,00
Speed (km/u) 10,00
Turning cycle (cm) 116,00
Seat lift electrical
Stand up electrical stand-up function
Backrest recline 90-180° electrical
Seat Tilt optional
Drive Front wheel
Commentselectrical wheelchair with lie- and stand-up function

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