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Trademark Marmitek
Type DoorPhone120
Website http://www.marmitek.com
Category At home/hilfsmittel
Sort door operation
CommentsSpeak to the person at your door, everywhere in and around your house!
Hear and answer the doorbell anytime and anywhere, including in the garden, at the attic, in the hobby room, in the bathroom, in the garage etc.
You donít have to walk to the door anymore; open the door remotely (with optional electric door opener).
Always a safe feeling; you know who is at the door before you open it.
Ideal in case of illness or physical disability.
Available with 1 or 4 doorbells and easy to expand with one or more handsets (with intercom function).

Using this door phone, you can speak to the person at the door from any spot up to 150 meter of the house. If you also install the electric door opener, then you can even open the door remotely, without any wires involved. You can link several handsets to a single doorbell. The handsets that are linked to a single doorbell can also be used to communicate with each other (intercom function).

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