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Trademark Marmitek
Type SD MemoryCam2
Website http://www.marmitek.com
Category At home/hilfsmittel
Sort various
CommentsGuard your belongings and register who has been on your property at all times.
Record automatically pictures or short movies when motion is detected.
Easy to install and viewable anywhere using the SD card.
Produce reliable proof in case of calamity.
As many as 24,000 pictures / 3,200 events (with a 2GB SD card).
Intelligent learning mode; disables recording during repeated movement.
Possibility of watching Life pictures on your TV, sent by the camera.
Very suitable for keeping an eye on property that is out of view, such as garage, horse stable, shed, driveway etc. and for guarding cash register or archive.
Can be extended up to 2 cameras.

The SD MemoryCam2 system includes one single channel digital event recorder and one wired outdoor colour camera. It will automatically have image capture or video recording once motion is detected by software, or manually by external alarm and will store it onto a standard SD card. This SD card can easily be read on the SD recorder and a TV or on a PC. This way, the set can be employed widely for purposes such as the surveillance of a guarded area. With images recorded on the SD card, you can always check who has been there and when.

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