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In general
On this site, you will find all the data we gathered in the past years about electrical and manual wheelchairs, along with information about several particular adjustments we encountered, and scooters. To make it all complete we have some information about adjustments at home (including your PC) and about the transportation of your wheelchair and/or scooter.
This resulted in one of the largest databases in Europe. Your local dealer only offers a limited amount of brands and /or types. Your body requires a wheelchair that fits your needs. That's not only a matter of comfort, because your wheelchair is a part of your body and your life!
Several manufacturers and/or importers refuse to display any specifications on their websites. Well, we got them! Some of them including images. Also, those specifications on their websites are not univocal presented to you. They just want to sent you one of their advisors, who will try to talk you into one of their own chairs. That's why we want you to compare all those hundreds of wheelchairs and their specifications before you order one.
Originally, this is a very successfull dutch wheelchair website. But when the .EU-domain registration became free to all people, we decided to go international.
We do not sell any products. Neither new nor used. And we don't intend to do so in the future. We just gather information and we refer to the manufacturer or importer where you can order those products, ask for more information and/or find a dealer near you. We are impartial and independent. We don't judge products or manufacturers. We just process information which has been sent to us, or which we look for ourselves. The information we present to you is coming from the manufacturers who revealed that information themselves. Some of the manufacturers (or their representatives in some country) authorized us by written permission to use their images. We never steal those images! Some didn't authorised us yet, and therefore we use images we made ourselves, or there is just no image available to us. Shame, but those manufacturers are free to contact us!

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